nizdiz is a new company that specializes in web-based technology. we are founded on over 10 years experience providing internet-accessible business solutions. whether you need an internet presence or a custom application built specifically for your business, nizdiz can help!

we proudly develop our solutions based on Microsoft technologies including (but not limited to):

in addition to new development, we excel at re-engineering complex, legacy systems. we can take your existing system and simplify it with a new application that will scale and minimize future maintenance costs. all too often we have seen software that started small, with one task to perform, then was expounded upon beyond it's original intent. this type of tangled, organic development leads to an unmanageable, unruly mess; most of the time, the people responsible are no longer with your company and no longer have to deal with the headache. if this sounds familiar, contact nizdiz!

some of the services we provide include:

get in touch today and let's simplify your business!